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Items Of Interest
Morehouse College
Morehouse College

Order 'School Daze' (DVD & CD)
& 'The Morehouse Men' (VHS)

'School Daze'
If you attended Morehouse or Spelman back in 1987-1988, 'School Daze' would serve as a virtual yearbook because Spike Lee used many students as extras during the production!! The script is loosley based on the 'Homecoming Experience' at THE HOUSE!! Alumni from 'other' schools won't understand this movie!! A classic for your collection!!

'The Morehouse Men'
'The Morehouse Men' originally aired nationally on PBS back in 1995. In this video, Morehouse is viewed through the eyes of freshman students during the 1993-94 academic year, and their year at Morehouse is seen to be an experience in character and spiritual development. The rituals shown on this tape will bring back memories (especially if you're from the old school!!).