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Chaka Khan Article & Interview Page

Article I (1975)

Article II (1978)

Article III (1996)

Article IV (2003)

Article V (2003)

Article VI (2004)

Interview I (2004)

Article VII (2005)

Interview II (2006)

Chaka posing with Stars In Her Eyes!! Picture donated by 'Chakaholic Jimmy'!

Welcome to our growing collection of articles & interviews at 'Chaka's World'! If you'd like to read more about the world famous '70's Wild Child' or 'High Priestess Of Funk', you're at the right place. We have some interesting articles & interviews published during the past 30+ years, and look for key additions in the future. Chaka Khan's career has had many twists & turns, and 'Chakaholics' can get a glimpse into her world by reading these pieces.

The articles & interviews presented here are informative, but you can also read our '8 Part Biography', or even add Chaka's 'Through The Fire' to your library. In addition to Chaka's official biography, David Nathan's 'Soulful Divas' is highly recommended, as it dedicates a full chapter to Chaka's career. After reading all of this material, you should start to take 'Chakaholism' more seriously!
Enjoy, Webmaster