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'Dare You To Love Me' (1995)  
Chaka Khan Live at The North Sea Jazz Festival!  

Are you a 'Chakaholic' ? Well, I am the 'self-admitting' one responsible for this website, and at this time, I would like to list SOME symptoms of the condition known around the globe as Chakaholism (defined as a chronic appreciation for the vocal gifts of a diva named Chaka Khan).
You are a 'Chakaholic' if.....

1.)You remind everyone of Chaka's versatility in different genres of music!
2.)You spend a great deal of time on a 'message board' or 'chat room' for Chaka lovers!!
3.)You repeat the many accolades that many jazz greats have bestowed on Chaka!!
4.)You can play 'Roll Me Through The Rushes' or 'Got To Be There' 5 times in a row!!
5.)You spend TOO MUCH money on Japanese imports of Chaka's music
so that you can brag about it on a messageboard!!

6.)You order 'Chakalates' and refuse to eat them!!
7.)You buy anything with Chaka's name on it!!
8.)You spend crazy loot on overpriced new Japanese import editions of
the Rufus featuring Chaka Khan catalog, and feel cheated afterwards!!
9.)You get an idea to design a Chaka Khan website!!
10.)You actually claim to 'feel' many of Chaka's songs!!

11.)You appreciate Aretha, but relate to Chaka Khan!!
12.)You appreciate Patti, but LOVE Chaka Khan!!!
13.)You try to sing along with Chaka while taking a shower!!
14.)You still have a fading poster from 1975 hanging on your wall!!
15.)You buy David Nathan's book, 'The Soulful Divas', and go
straight to the chapter devoted to Chaka Khan!!!!

16.)You feel insulted when Mary J. Blige is proclaimed the New Chaka or Aretha!!
17.)You make phone calls around the country searching for the
soundtrack to 'Mama, I Want To Sing'!!
18.)You lose sleep trying to record ANY television show that includes Chaka!!
19.)You read Chaka's 'Through The Fire' book in one day, and wanted more!!
20.)You get mad at Chaka for not releasing her new CDs on time!
21.)You plan to help Chaka get her star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame, even
though the commitee ignores all of the petitions you sign!

If you have experienced ANY of the above symptoms, you may be diagnosed as a 'Chakaholic'. This is nothing to be ashamed of, and while there is NO cure, there are others who share your condition. My only suggestion to those affected, is to accept your condition, and listen to your favorite Chaka Khan music while sipping on your favorite beverage.
Take one day at a time!!! Peace, Webmaster


During the week of June 24th (1999), Donna Ahjuder ('DEE') of Bakersfield, CA.,
passed away. Sister Dee was probably the biggest 'Chakaholic' of us all, and she
was proud of it! She worked with Raeven Productions, and headed an effort to
get Chaka her LONG OVERDUE star on Hollywood's Walk Of Fame. Even though
this 'star' project didn't win this year, I am proud of Dee's hard work in getting
our favorite diva her ultimate props. Dee possessed a beautiful spirit, and
I am glad to have met her & exchange 'gifts' with her!!
We all love you & miss you Dee!!