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'Chaka Khan'
(1982, Warner Brothers)

Chaka Khan 1982

In 1982, Chaka Khan teamed with Arif Mardin for the Grammy Award winning 'Chaka Khan',
and for some reason, it is the ONLY solo Chaka CD not available in the United States
(or for the most part, around the world). 'Chaka Khan' is vital to any fan's collection,
but unfortunately, original CDs are very costly (check Ebay!!).
This CD includes Chaka's rendition of 'Got To Be There', and Michael Jackson
can forget about it!! It's Chaka's song NOW, and the notes that she hits will blow
your mind. Also included on this CD is Chaka's Grammy Award winning 'Be Bop Medley',
which displays her skills at jazz improvisation. There are also a few rumors involved
with 'Chaka Khan' (1982). The BIG one invloves Vesta Williams!! Many people think
that she provided background vocals for Chaka on this 1982 project, and I heard the
same for Melisa Morgan, but it isn't true!! Chaka does tell Vesta to 'Hang In There'
in the thank you portion of the liner notes, but Ms.Williams has never been credited.
Vesta & Melisa Morgan were both background singers for Chaka during concerts from
the early 1980's, but Chaka records HER OWN background vocals in the studio!! At
any rate, 'Chaka Khan' (1982) is the link from 'What Cha Gonna Do For Me ?' (1981)
to 'Ain't Nobody'(fr.Rufus & Chaka's 1983 'Stompin' at The Savoy' project), so real
Chakaholics need this CD, but prepare to pay over $100 for an original copy!!

In 2005, we remastered this rare CD for better sound qualities, and
3 bonus tracks were included! (Sorry, not in stores..YET!)
This is a CLASSIC Chaka Khan Project!

The Webmaster

1. Tearin' It Up
2. Slow Dancin' (Duet ft.Rick James)
3. Best In The West
4. Got To Be There
5. Be Bop Medley [Hot House/East Of Suez (Come On Sailor)
Epistrophy (I Wanna Play)/Yardbird Suite/Con Alma/Giant Steps]
6. Twisted
7. So Not To Worry
8. Pass It On (A Sure Thing)(Pasa Lo Esta Seguro)

9. Slow Dancin' (Remix Project Version)
10. Tearin' It Up (12" Extended Mix)
11. Tearin' It Up (Extended Instrumental Mix)