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Chaka's World
~Concert/Live CDs~

**Welcome to the Chaka Khan Concert CD Page, which lists all of the
recordings of the Diva live in concert!**
(Major events that also feature Chaka are also listed!)

1. Chaka Khan 'Live @ The Roxy Concert EP' (1981)

2. Rufus & Chaka 'Live! Stompin At The Savoy' (1983, On ONE CD!)

3. Chaka Khan Live! A Night In London (1985)

4. Chaka Khan 'Patchwork-Live In N.Y.C.' (1987)

5. B.B.King & Friends 'A Night Of Red Hot Blues' (1987)
(feat.Chaka Khan, Gladys Knight, Etta James, etc.)

6. Chaka Khan 'Live In Germany' (1990)

7. Chaka Khan 'Live At The Blue Note (Tokyo)' (1997)

8. Chaka Khan's 'Motown Live & More' EP

9. Chaka Khan 'Live On B.E.T. Jazz Central' (2000)

10. Chaka Khan 'Live @ The 2002 Pori Jazz Festival'

11. Chaka Khan 'Live @ The 2002 North Sea Festival'
& 'VH-1's Diva's Duets' (2003)

12. Chaka Khan 'Live @ The 2005 North Sea Jazz Festival EP

More Coming SOON!!!!