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Chaka's World Q & A Page

1. Why was 'Chaka's World' created when Chaka already has an official site ?
(For a few reasons! Mainly because fans deserve a decent Chaka site, and
my work on various websites is simply a special hobby that I enjoy.
This is just my special tribute to Chaka & her 30+ year career!)

2. Does Chaka approve of this website ?
(I don't know, but would you complain if you got free promotion ?)

3. Does Chaka or her company fund this website ?
(No way! This site is funded solely by the webmaster & the many 'Chakaholics' around
the globe who make donations, which help offset a variety of server fees.)

4. Can you help me get a demo (or music) to Chaka ?
(Sorry, I can't do that! Contact info may be at!!)

5. Does Chaka know about this website & what does she think ?
(Since 'Chaka's World' is known around the globe, I'm sure that the Diva
& her management know about us! We've been online since 1999, so....)

6. Do you know Chaka Khan ?
(No, I don't KNOW Chaka, but I met her briefly! Nice Sista!)

7. Does Chaka Khan have an 'Official' fan club ?
(Sorry, Chaka's official fan club no longer exists!)

8. Will Chaka be performing in my city or can she do private engagements ?
(Visit for tour info, and I doubt that Chaka will sing at
your birthday party or other private functions, but you never know!)

9. Where can I buy those 'Chakalates' ?
(I don't know if the tasty Chakalates are still being made.
They may be @ Chaka's official site!)

10. What happened to Chaka's Sister Taka Boom ?
(You got me! She's probably doing session work in Europe or just chillin'!)

11. What's up with Chaka's reunion with Rufus ?
(It fell through, but Rufus is recruiting new singers! LOL!!!!)

12. Did Vesta provide background vocals for Chaka?
(I think Vesta Williams sang backgrounds for Chaka
during a few concerts in the early 1980's)

13. Why doesn't Chaka have a Star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame ?
(There are many reasons, but to tell you the truth, I don't think that
Chaka really cares about having that special honor. Que Sera Sera!!)

14. How Can I Support This Website ?
(There are a few ways, but we'd appreciate it if you told other
'Chakaholics' about the website, and we also accept monetary
donations through Paypal to offset a variety of server fees.)

15. How can I get some of that rare Chaka music in your collection ?
(You can visit,, Wilco's Site, or contact us via E-mail.
Also, registered members of our MSN Group recieve free music
during our 'Free CD Giveaway Contests', so apply today!)

16. When is Chaka's new CD coming out ?
('ClassiKhan' was released during October 2004, and there've been
rumors about a new project for mid 2006, but you know how that goes!)

17. Why was I denied membership in the 'Chaka's World MSN Group' ?
(When applying for membership in our group, it's generally a good idea
to tell us something about yourself, and why you'd like to join us.
People who only submit an E-mail address are denied without hesitation!)

If you have any OTHER questions regarding Chaka's World, contact the
webmaster via E-mail. Thanks for your support!