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Chaka Khan Trivia

Welcome Chakaholics!! It's time to present a few trivia questions
to test your knowledge of C.K. The correct answers can be found
at bottom of this page. Good luck!!!!

1. Which producer HAS NOT worked with Chaka ??
a.Quincy Jones
b.Arif Mardin
c.David Gamson
d.Maurice White
e.Russ Titleman

2. What instrument does Chaka play at times ??

3. Which of the following soundtracks DOES NOT include a song by Chaka ??
a.Superman 3
c.Krush Groove
d.Night Shift
e.Sugar Hill

4. Which of the following groups included Chaka's sister, Taka Boom ??
a.Brass Construction
b.Atlantic Starr
c.Mother's Finest
d.Undisputed Truth
e.Mass Production

5. What is Chaka's birthname ??
a.Yvonne Marie Stevens
b.Yolanda Mary Stephens
c.Yvette Marie Stevens
d.Yvonne Maryann Stephens
e.none of the above

6. Which of the following singers HAS NEVER done background vocals for Chaka ??
a.Melisa Morgan
b.Vesta Williams
c.Cindi Mizelle
d.Penny Ford
e.Whitney Houston
f.Everyone listed has!!!

7. Which song helped Rufus & Chaka win their 1st Grammy ??
a.Sweet Thing
b.Once You Get Started
c.You Got The Love
d.Tell Me Something Good
e.Ain't Nobody

8. Who was married to Chaka at one time ??
a.Isaac Hayes
b.Miles Davis
c.Richard Holland
d.Billy Dee Williams
e.Andre' Fisher

9. What was name of the play that Chaka performed in ??
b.Miles Blowin'
c.Your Arms are Too Short to Box With God
d.Mama, I Want To Sing

10. What movie did Chaka appear in ??
b.Animal House
c.The Blues Brothers
d.A Soldier's Story
e.Foxy Brown

11. Which British Singer/Musician Has Chaka NOT Recorded With??
a.Steve Winwood
b.Phil Collins
c.Paul Young
d.Robert Palmer
e.Elton John