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Chaka Khan Trivia Answers

1. Maurice White (of Earth, Wind, & Fire) has never produced Chaka Khan.

2. Chaka has some serious skills on the drums!!!

3. Chaka has been on MANY movie soundtracks, but 'Panther' isn't one of them!!

4. Taka Boom was a vocalist for The Undisputed Truth.

5. Chaka was born Yvette Marie Stevens.

6. You win a box of 'Chakalates' if you chose 'Everyone listed has'!!
Everyone listed went to 'Chaka's School of Background Blowin'!!

7. 'Tell Me Something Good' (written by Stevie!!) helped
Chaka & Rufus win the Grammy award!

8. Chaka was married to Richard Holland (A.K.A. Damien's Daddy!)!

9. Chaka had a successful run in the London Production of
'Mama, I Want To Sing' in 1994-1995!!

10. Chaka made an appearance in 'The Blues Brothers'.

11. Chaka has recorded with everyone listed EXCEPT for Sir Elton John!
F.Y.I. Chaka originally recorded 'Addicted To Love' as a duet with
Robert Palmer in 1987, so technically, she DID record with him :-)