Chaka Khan On The Floor!
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Chaka's World Website
Awards Page

This page will display the various awards given to BOTH the
'The Chaka Khan Zone' & the current 'Chaka's World' website!
Thanks for a GREAT 5 Years!!!
Webmaster (August 2004)

Sundown 2004 Hoover Design Award Blackfaces

Real Certified by:


Special Thanks
Chaka's World has been created to show love & admiration for the musical gifts of
Chaka Khan, and we hope that visitors will be entertained while also learning about
the Diva's 30+ year career in song. This site strives to honor Chaka Khan in a
unique way, and I would like to thank the many of the 'Chakaholics' (& others!),
who supported us since our inception back in 1999.
These special V.I.P. supporters include:
Donna 'Dee' Anduhar, Nigel Jackson, Laquan Jones, Bryce White,
Darrell Hill, Anders Ringman, 'Kitbradley', Ed 'The Khanman',
Garnett Carter, and Derek Williams.