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The Chaka World Club

Become A Sponsor Of Chaka's World!!

Welcome 'Chakaholics'!!

The membership drive for the 'Chaka World Club' has now begun!! If you love the musical talents of Chaka Khan, consider joining this new group.The EXCLUSIVE PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP is for those who wish to become sponsors of this website, and the details are given below.Chaka Khan is not paying me for my work, so I appreciate all of the members who keep this site going into the new decade!!

This type of membership requires payment of a 'Membership Fee' to join!!

Platinum Members can recieve a CHOICE of either:

1. 'PERFECT FIT' (1986), the 'ultra rare' Japanese Import of Chaka remixes.
2.'ECHOES OF AN ERA' (1982), Chaka's long 'out of print' jazz project.
3.'CAMOUFLAGE' (1981), which was Chaka's final studio album with Rufus!!
or 4.'CHAKA KHAN' (1982), which is probably the RAREST solo Chaka CD at this time!!

**Members are also qualified to recieve free music given
away during contests that are held throughout the year!!**

(So far, there are 11 PLATINUM MEMBERS!! Vincent Trent joined us on 12/22/00!!)

**All 'Platinum' applicants must submit the following:**
[In addition to the $15.00 Membership Fee!!!!]
1.Your REAL name (feel free to add your nickname !!) & LOCATION
2.Total number of years you have loved Chaka's music
3.Total number of Chaka-related albums & CDs in your collection
4.Your favorite Chaka Khan song
5.The last time you saw Chaka in concert
6.The total # of Chaka shows you have seen
7.Your website address (optional)
8.Your E-mail address

PLATINUM MEMBERS of the 'Chaka World Club' can be found
by clicking the button below!! Look for additions every week!!

When submitting membership information, please place 'Chaka World Club' in the subject area of your mailing, and please tell another Chakaholic about this 'new' club!! Peace, S.D.D.