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I have always loved 'real' music, and two groups that played & sang better than most of their counterparts are my favorites.'Earth, Wind, & Fire' and 'Rufus with Chaka Khan' are my ALL TIME FAVORITE music groups, and when I put some thought to it, I realized that they have a great deal in common.I will list a few of the similarities below, and if you can think of more, let me know!!

1.)Both Maurice White and Chaka Khan have roots in the Chicago area!!
2.)Both EWF and Rufus utilized powerful vocals with a 'tight' rhythm section!!
3.)Both Maurice White and Chaka Khan have serious interests in jazz!!
4.)Both EWF and Rufus explored mystical themes in their songs!!
(EWF did 'Serpentine Fire' while Rufus did 'Egyptian Song')
5.)The 'stable 70s lineup' of EWF split after 1983, while Chaka also left Rufus after 1983!!

6.)The 'newer' EWF and Chaka Khan remain EXTREMELY popular in Europe & Asia!!
7.)Sinbad loves both EWF and Chaka Khan, and both are the ONLY acts
to make 2 different appearances at his annual 'Summer Jam'!!
8.)Both EWF and Rufus & Chaka Khan are multiple Grammy Award winners!!
(EWF won 7 times, while Rufus& Chaka also won 7!!)
9.)Both EWF and Chaka Khan have made movie appearances!!
(EWF appeared in 'Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band', while Chaka appeared in 'The Blues Brothers')
10.)'Fire' is important to both EWF and Chaka Khan!!
(Maurice White studied African mysticism and incorporated certain knowledge into EWF's music & performances.
Yvette Marie Stevens was christianed 'Chaka' by an African high priest after studying certain religions, and her name means fire in certain African cultures.)