'Put Your Body In It' (Vol.1)
A Special Collection Of Dance/Funk/R&B Classics!!
{Most Are Extended 12" Versions!!!}

[Side A]
1. We Got The Funk (Positive Force)
2. Put Your Body In It (Stephanie Mills)
3. Dance With You (Carrie Lucas)
4. Work That Body (Taana Gardner)
5. Is It All Over My Face ? (Loose Joints)

[Side B]
6. I'm Caught Up (In A One Night Love Affair) (Inner Life)
7. I Hear Music In The Streets (Unlimited Touch)
8. Ladies Night (Kool & The Gang)
9. Searching To Find The One (Unlimited Touch)
10. High (Skyy)
Every Song Has Been 'Cleaned Up' & Remastered
For Your Listening Pleasure!!!

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