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Chaka Khan Facts

Here, we present some interesting facts about Chaka,
which may suprise new 'Chakaholics'!!
Insert 'DID YOU KNOW that...?'
before each of the 20 statements below!!

1... Chaka has been nominated for 19 Grammy Awards, and
was a winner 8 times? (Her 19th & most recent nomination & WIN took place
in 2003 for her rendition of 'What's Going On ?' with the Funk Brothers on
the 'Standing In The Shadows Of Motown' soundtrack CD)

2...Yvette Stevens was named 'Chaka Adunne Aduffe Hodarhi Karifi'
at the age of 13 by an African 'high priest'?
(The 'Khan' came after a short marriage latter on!)

3....Chaka has appeared on over 85 albums & CDs outside of the
22 official Rufus & 'solo' Chaka projects?

4....Warner Brothers decided to cancel the release of
AN ENTIRE CD that Chaka completed in 1995,
and the 'new' songs on 'Epiphany' come from those sessions?

5...Chaka is NOT under contract with Prince?

6...Jazz is Chaka's FAVORITE genre of music?

7....after Chaka sang 'Don't Go To Strangers' in 1983, Warner Brothers
frowned on any attempt by her to do an entire 'jazz album'?

8....Bonnie is Chaka's nickname for her sister, Taka Boom?
(You can hear more about this on 'Crazy life of Mine'!!)

9....Chaka's granddaughter's name is Raeven?

10....Stevie Wonder wrote 'Tell Me Something Good' especially for Chaka to sing?

11....the late & great Minnie Riperton sang the original
version of 'Love Has Fallen Down On Me'?

12....Chaka was supposed to duet with Dennis Edwards (of the Temptations) on his
1984 hit, 'Don't Look Any Further'? Khan's busy schedule prevented this duet, so a 'then
unknown' named Sieddah Garrett was brought in to add some hot vocals!!

13....Robert Palmer's massive hit 'Addicted To Love' was ORIGINALLY recorded
as a duet with Chaka in 1987, but later, the Diva's management had her vocals
deleted for whatever reason they chose? (Can you say DUMB!!!)

14....Rufus & Chaka's hit song, 'Ain't Nobody', has been remade over
at least 13 TIMES, and most recently by Kelly Price on the 'Bringing
Down The House' Soundtrack in 2003? (They still can't touch Chaka!)

15....Another Rufus & Chaka classic ('Sweet Thing') has been butchered
at least 8 times? There have been nice jazz renditions, but Mary J.Blige's
awful version became a big hit in 1992, and I won't even mention
B Angie B's attempt with 'Sweet Thang' (not Thing!).Whew!!!!

16....Chaka's original rendition of 'I Feel For You' didn't include the
'Chaka Khan-Chaka Khan...!!' rap by Melle Mel? Arif Mardin added these
classic 80's effects without Chaka's knowledge after the main vocals
were recorded. In the end, Chaka won another Grammy in 1985!

17....Chaka never considered being a singer during her childhood? She "wanted
to be an anthropologist, an archaeologist, a botanist or a nun!"
Chaka made this statement on Liftime's 'Intimate Portraits' (2003)

18....Chaka was pregnant with Milini while recording 'Tell Me Something Good' in 1973?
{She was also pregnant with Son Damien Holland on the cover of 'Chaka' in '78!}

19....Chaka is a frequent guest & performer at Aretha Franklin's Birthday Parties?

20....Warner Brothers deleted live versions of 'Hollywood' & 'The Best Of Your Heart', and
'Everlasting Love' from Rufus & Chaka's 'Live Stomin At The Savoy' double album (1983)
to make room for a few studio tracks like 'Ain't Nobody'?
We STILL want the COMPLETE concert!!

21....The Pointer Sisters recorded a version of 'I Feel For You' two years before
Chaka in 1982!! (Rebbie Jackson also attempted to sing the song in 1984
on her hit 'Centipede' album!!)

22....BOTH Joyce Kennedy (of Mother's Finest) & Dionne Warwick recorded
versions of Chaka's 'Stronger Than Before'! (Joyce in 1984 & Dionne in 1985)

23....Chaka was offered the opportunity to sing the vocals on 'The Power'
by Snap during the early 1990's, but she couldn't make the sessions, so
Penny Ford stepped in and sang on the dance classic!

Well, I hope that the NEW 'Chakaholics' have learned
something about La Khan, and I welcome any NEW
facts from other 'veterans'!!!
Peace, Webmaster