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1996 - 1999

1. 'If Only' [fr.Denise Rich's 'Catalogue II'] (1996 W&R)(CD)
2. CD SINGLE 'Never Miss The Water' (1996, Warner Bros.)[*7 remixes!!](CD)
3. 'Who Do You Love ?' [fr.LENNY WHITE's '
Present Tense'] (1996 Hip Bop)(CD)
4. CD SINGLE 'Missing You'(w/Tamia, Gladys Knight, Brandy)[fr.'Set It Off' SDTK](1996 East West)
5. 'Christmas Only Once A Year' [fr.'
12 Soulful Nights of Christmas'](1996 So So Def)(CD)
6. 'Kingdom' [fr. '
Power of Peace' ](1996 WEA /Warner Bros.)(CD)
7. 'Jesus Said To Love' [fr.'The Christmas Spirit'](1996)(CD)

8. 'Raspberry' [fr.'One Voice-Songs of Chage & Aska' ] (1996, Premier)(CD)
9. CD SINGLE 'I'm Every Woman'-Live [fr.'Sinbad's 70's Soul Music Festival 2'](1996 Intersound)(CD)
10. CD SINGLE 'Diggin Down To Deep'(feat.Guru)[fr.MAN DOKI's 'People In Room 8'](1997, Brunswick)
11. CD SINGLE 'The Journey Is Long'(Duet w/Mandoki)[fr.MAN DOKI's 'People In Room 8'] (1997, Brunswick)
12. 'You & I Are One', 'Power' [fr. 'A Song A Day'](1997 Zebra/WEA)(CD)
13. 'Pain' [fr.SOUNDTRACK '
Living Single'] (1997 Warner Bros.)(CD)
14. 'Summertime' [fr.JOE HENDERSON's '
Porgy and Bess'](1997 Verve/Polygram)(CD)
15. 'Sweet Thing' (New Recording!)[fr.'
New York Undercover'](1998 MCA)(CD)

16. 'Come On'[fr.NEW POWER GENERATION's 'New Power Soul'](1998 N.P.G.)(CD)
17. 'We Can Work It Out'(Duet w/Tom Jones)[fr.Tom Jones 'Duets'](1998, Prism)(CD)
18. 'Free'[fr.GRAHAM CENTRAL STATION's 'G.C.S.2000'](1998 N.P.G.)(CD)
19. 'This Christmas(I'll Be Thinking of You)
[fr.'ANDRE CROUCH's 'The Gift Of Christmas'] (1999 Qwest)(CD)
20. 'Between The Sheets'(Live duet w/Nathan East)[fr.'An Evening With Fourplay'] (1999)(DVD>>CD)
21. 'I'm Every Woman'(w/Whitney Houston)[fr.'Divas Live 1999'](1999 Arista)(CD)
22. SISTER'S SOULFEST (1999 tour 'promo' from Universal)(CD)
[This is a sampler CD with hits from BOTH Chaka & Patti!!]
23. 'The Longer We Make Love' (duet w/Barry White)[fr.B.White 'Staying Power'](1999 BMG/Private)(CD)

[Format Codes used here: V-Vinyl CD-Compact Disc, DVD-Digital Video Disc, T-Cassette,
V>>CD - Vinyl Transferred To CD, and VHS - Video Tape]