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Chaka's Discography, Lyric & Review Page
Chaka's Music

1.Rufus & Chaka

2.Chaka Khan
[1978-1999 & More!]

3.Chaka Khan Remixes & More!

4.Chaka Khan Remixes & More!

5.Chaka Khan Remixes & More!

6.Chaka Khan
2000 & Beyond!!

7.Dare You To Love Me

8.RARE CD Profiles

9.Chaka's Live CDs!

Featured Music

'Dare You To Love Me' (1995)  
'What Cha' Gonna Do For Me ? (1981) & 'Chaka Khan' (1982) on A Single CD! Remastered for Better Sound Quality!
Rufus & Chaka Live! - Expanded & Remastered Edition!
'The Duets'(1978-2002)'

The 8 part Chaka Khan
Discography & Lyric Page!!

If you think you have ALL of Chaka's music, guess again!! I know
that I don't, and my lists are always growing, so look for random
updates in the future since I am always adding rare music.
Please use the 'Chaka World Stores' for your online shoping or let
me know if you need anything from the 9 lists.

Also, enjoy our
NEW Rufus & Chaka Khan Album Chart Page, which
displays information from Billboard Magazine (1973 to the present).
Please contact me with corrections or additional information.
The 'Singles Chart' may be completed in the near future, so stay tuned!


August 2005 (Live CDs, Rare Trax & More!)

Chaka Khan's Boom Box!!

Newest Chaka Rarities Added:

THE SUPER RARE 'Mama I Want To Sing' London Cast CD, The 'Patchwork-Chaka Khan LIVE 1987' Remastered & Expanded CD, Our Remastered & Expanded Edition of 'Live! Stompin At The Savoy' now includes 'Everlasting Love', 6 Rufus featuring Chaka CDs have been remastered & are now exclusive 2-on-1 CDs (see list 1!!), Our Remastered & Expanded Editions of 'Masterjam' & 'Camouflage' include B-Sides & More, The 'Chaka Khan Live @ The North Sea Jazz Festival'/'Divas Duets 2003' CD, the 'Chaka Khan Live @ The 2002 Pori Jazz Festival' CD, the 'Dare You To Love Me' CD was Remastered & Expanded in February 2004, Our Exclusive 'Chaka Khan - Motown Live & More EP' was Remastered & Expanded, and more coming SOON for SERIOUS CHAKAHOLICS ONLY!!!

CD Cover Art & Reviews!!
(Video & DVD Covers Also Included!)

Rufus & Chaka Khan's Album/CD Chart Page!
(Chart Information Courtesy Of Billboard!)

Chaka's Best Selling CDs @ Amazon!!
(List Is Updated Daily!)

Rufus & Chaka Khan's Singles Chart Page!
****Coming SOON!!!!!!****

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