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Chaka's Discography & Lyric Page
Chaka's Music

Main Discography

2.Chaka Khan
[1978-1999 & More!]

3.Chaka Khan Remixes & More!

4.Chaka Khan Remixes & More!

5.Chaka Khan Remixes & More!

6.Chaka Khan
2000 & Beyond!!

7.Dare You To Love Me

8.RARE CD Profiles

9.Chaka's Live CDs!

1.Rufus Featuring Chaka Khan 1973-1983
[Click on each album's link for lyrics!!]

1. 'Rufus' (1973, MCA)(CD)
2. 'Rags To Rufus' (1974, MCA)(CD)
3. 'Rufusized' (1974, MCA)(CD)
4. 'Rufus featuring Chaka Khan' (1975, MCA)(CD)
5. 'Ask Rufus' (1977, MCA)(CD)
6. 'Street Player' (1978, MCA)(CD)
7. 'Masterjam'(1979, MCA)(CD)
8. 'Camouflage' (1981, MCA)(CD)
9. 'Live:Stompin' At The Savoy' (1983, W.B.)

**Our EXCLUSIVE Rufus & Chaka Collections**

*10. 'Rufus & Chaka-The Ultimate Anthology 1973-1983'
*11. The Rufus Featuring Chaka Khan Remasters I
*12. The Rufus Featuring Chaka Khan Remasters II
*13. The Rufus Featuring Chaka Khan Remasters III
*14. 'Camouflage' (Remastered & Expanded)
*15. 'Live:Stompin' At The Savoy' (Expanded Ed.)
(Expanded Edition Now Includes 'Everlasting Love'!!)
*16. 'Masterjam'(Expanded & Remastered & Expanded)
(Expanded Edition Now Includes 12"Extended Mixes, B-Sides, & More!!)
*17. 'Numbers' / 'Party 'Til You're Broke''
(2 Rare Albums By Rufus without Chaka!)
(*Released after 'Masterjam' & 'Camouflage'!)
*18. 'Seal In Red' (1983, Warner Brothers) - COMING SOON!

[Note: #9-17 Aren't Available In Stores!!]

The 2004 Japanese Imports

2004 Limited Edition Box Set Of Japanese Reissued Rufus feat.Chaka Khan CDs

NOTE: The 8 Rufus featuring Chaka Khan studio albums were reissued
as EXPENSIVE Japanese imports in 2004. These CDs have cute gatefold
'album-like' designs that feature original artwork. The 'Ask Rufus'
reissue includes a small replica of the original poster that was
in the 1977 album. From what I've heard, these CDs sound & look
good, but the pricetag is CRAZY ($25.00 - $45.00) for CDs
that don't offer any bonus tracks.