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Chaka's Discography Page
Chaka's Music

Main Discography

1.Rufus & Chaka Khan

2.Chaka Khan

3.Chaka Khan Remixes & More!

4.Chaka Khan Remixes & More!

5.Chaka Khan

7.Dare You To Love Me

8.RARE CD Profiles

9.Chaka's Live CDs!

6.Chaka Khan Remixes & More!
[2000 & Beyond!!]

As Chaka's impressive career continues into it's 4th decade , we can only expect more great music from our favorite 'True Diva'!!
Here's what we have for the new Decade (so far!!):

1. 'It All Begins With Love' & 'Living In Divine Time' [fr.Melissa Vardey's
'Living In Divine Time'] (2000, All-n-One Records)(CD)
2. 'All Good ?' [fr.DE LA SOUL's 'Art Official Intelligence:Mosaic Thump'](2000, Tommy Boy)(CD)
3. CD SINGLE:'All Good ?'- The Remixes [Contains 4 Remixes!!](2000, Tommy Boy)(CD)
4. 'So Crazy For This Love (Cru-Cre Corroro)' [fr.'Love Affair-Music of Ivan Lins'](2000 Telcar)(CD)
5. 'B.E.T. On Jazz-The Jazz Channel Presents Chaka Khan'
(2000, Image Entertainment)(DVD)
6. Chaka Khan - 'Live on B.E.T.'s Jazz Central' (2000, NO LABEL-Customized CD!!)
[NOTE:This concert transferred from the B.E.T. On Jazz DVD!!!]
7. 'Have a Little Faith In Me'[fr.'Disappearing Acts' SDTK](2000 Antra/Artemis)(CD)
8. Chaka Khan - 'The Millenium CD' (2001, Customized CD!!)
9. 'Love Me Still' (NEW RENDITION!!) [fr.'To Grover, With Love'](2001, WEA/Atlantic)(CD)

10. 'Your Amazing Grace'[fr.'M2' by Marcus Miller](2001 Telarc)(CD)
11. 'Essence' [fr.Herbie Hancock's 'Future 2 Future'](2001 Transparent Music)(CD)
12. 'What's Going On ?', 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough' (w/Montell Jordan)
[fr.'Standing In The Shadows Of Motown' SDTK](2002 Hip-O/Motown/UMG)(CD)
**Note-Chaka recieved her 8th Grammy Award in 2003 for her rendition (with the Funk Brothers) of 'What's Going On ?'!!
13. 'Chaka Khan Live @ The 2002 Pori Jazz Festival' (2002, NO LABEL-Customized CD) 14. 'Get My Party On' [fr.Shaggy's 'Lucky Day' & MAXI CD Single with 3 Remixes!](2003 MCA Records)(CD)
15. 'Misti Blu' (w/Taka Boom & Mark Stevens)[fr.Amillionsons 'Misti Blu'](2002 London Records)(CD)
16. 'Patchwork: Chaka Khan Live In N.Y.C. 1987' (2003, NO LABEL-Customized CD!)

17. 'Groove Like That' (Duet w/Taka Boom)[fr.D.J.Feelgood's 'Across America'](2003 System Recordings)(CD)
18. 'Love Me Still' (w/Choir) [fr.'Church - Songs of Soul and Inspiration'](2003 UTV Records)(CD)
19. 'The Chaka Khan Jazz Songbook' (2003, NO LABEL-Customized CD!)
20. Chaka Khan - 'The Soundtrack Collection' (2003, NO LABEL-Customized CD!)
21. 'The Motown Live & More' EP (2003, NO LABEL-Customized CD!)
22. 'Little Wing' (featuring Chaka Khan & Kenny Olson)
[fr.'Power Of Soul - A Tribute To Jimi Hendrix'](2004, Image Ent.)(CD)
23. 'ClassiKhan' (2004, Sanctuary Urban)(CD)
24. 'Beautiful' (Kenny G featuring Chaka Khan)
[fr.Kenny G - 'At Last..The Duets Album' (2004, Arista)(CD)

25. Chaka Khan - 'Holiday Inspirations' (Spiritual, Positive & Holiday Songs!) (2004, NO LABEL-Customized CD)
26. 'ClassiKhan'- DELUXE EDITION (2005, No Label)
27. Chaka Khan - 'The Duets' (1978 - 2002) (2005, NO LABEL-Customized CD!)
28. Chaka Khan - 'Revelations' (1974 - 2004)(2005, NO LABEL - Customized CD)
29. The Hope Collective - 'Give & Let Live' (Expansion CD, 2005)
30. Chaka Khan - 'Live At The 30th North Sea Jazz Festival' EP (2005, No Label)
31. Chaka Khan - 'Millenium Collection II' (2005, No Label)
32. 'Back Again' [fr.Soulive's 'Breakout' CD](2005, Concord)

**Upcoming Customized Projects!!**

1.Chaka Khan - 'The Love Songs'(NO LABEL-Customized CD!)[Coming Soon!]
2.Chaka Khan - 'The High Priestess Of Soul' (Ultimate Career Spanning Set)[Coming Soon!]
3.Chaka Khan - 'The Hips & Lips Mix CD!' [Coming Soon!]

Misc.Projects Announced By Chaka's
Management Comapany (Raeven/Earthsong)

*A New R&B Studio CD on Chaka's Earthsong label [not the 'ClassiKhan' CD!]
(Release Date:During the 2005 Calender Year. Also rumored to include duets/vocals by Jill Scott & Mary J.Blige among others.)
*The 'Chaka Khan Live At The Blue Note' DVD & CD [STILL PENDING !!]*
*New Studio CD for 'reunited' Chaka & Rufus
*Additional Volumes of 'ClassiKhan'!
*Stage Productions/DVD of 'ClassiKhan' songs!

The Chakaholic Wish List!!!!
Here are projects that we will 'probably' (& hope to!!) see from Chaka Khan within the next few years:

1.A new studio album with Arif Mardin contributing!!
2.A Gospel CD with many of Chaka's friends like Karen Clark-Sherrard, Andrae Crouch, and Kelly Price contributing their fine talents!!
3.A NEW Chaka Khan retrospective Video or DVD!!! Warner Brothers has a ton of stuff in 'the vault'!!
4.'Epiphany, The Best Of Chaka Khan' VOLUMES 2,3,4....!!
5.An OFFICIAL Box Set to honor Chaka's long & influential career!!
6.The 'Dare You To Love Me' CD released in it's true form by Warner Brothers!!
7.A Chaka Khan 'Tribute' CD, which will feature many singers performing her classics!!
8.The Re-Release of the soundtrack CD of 'Mama, I Want To Sing' (London Cast w/ Chaka!!)
9.More T.V. appearances!!
10.And finally, the re-release of 'Chaka Khan' (1982)!!

[Format Codes used here: V-Vinyl CD-Compact Disc, DVD-Digital Video Disc, T-Cassette, V>>CD - Vinyl Transferred To CD, and VHS - Video Tape]