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This page will provide information on recent updates
that take place here at the Chaka's World!!!

AUGUST 2000 1.More EXCLUSIVE Chaka photos & CD artwork added!!!
2.New members to the C.K. Zone Club!!
3.Additions to discography sections!!
4.Tour dates added!!
5.Photo on 'front page' is updated!! It's HOT!!
6.New Banner designed for the Chaka Khan Zone!!
7.More pictures & lists #3-6 are revamped on the Discography section!!
8.Addition of Platinum Members to The Chaka Khan Zone Club!!
9.The Chaka Khan Zone's own webring will be added to the links page!!!

SEPTEMBER 2000 1.More additions of RARE Chaka music to the discography section(s)!!

OCTOBER 2000 1.Photos of Chaka Khan Live at Newport Beach (May 2000) courtesy of Lost Sessions!!
2.Additions to discography lists!!
3.A direct link to Chaka's section at is added!!
4.Banners on each page updated for a 'special look'!!
5.Additions to Photo Albums & Discography sections!!

NOVEMBER 2000 1.New tour dates added!!
2.The second Contest for PLATINUM CLUB MEMBERS is being planned!!
3.A new 'Chaka search' box is added to the front page!!
4.A new 'CD Profile Page' is added to feature some of Chaka's rare music.

DECEMBER 2000 1.Banner for 2001 'Hollywood Star Campaign' added on front page!!
2.New 'Gold Members' added to the Chaka Khan Zone Club!!

JANUARY 2001 1.The GOLD MEMBERSHIP of the 'C.K. Zone Club' has been cancelled!!
2.More EXCLUSIVE pictures of Chaka added!!!

FEBRUARY 2001 1.More rare music added to discography section(s).
2.More EXCLUSIVE Chaka photos obtained!! Will add shortly!!
3.Complete 'Website Renovation' begins on 2/17/2001!!
{Expect the site to be more 'colorful' & 'eye pleasing'!!}
4.The messageboard was CLOSED on 2/28/2001 because of a general lack
of use & interest by the many visitors to this site.I may add onother forum in the future, but
for now, the guestbook will remain!!!!

MARCH 2001 1.Changes to the Trivia, Facts, and Links pages are among
the many renovations completed!!
2.New Chaka Poll (Chaka's Duets') is added to the survey page!!
3.Six Exclusive photos of Chaka from the 1998 Soul Train
'Lady Of Soul' Awards added to the 1990's Photo Album.
4.NEW Messageboard opened!!
5.The 'Chaka Khan Zone' is NOW 'Chaka's World'!!!

APRIL 2001 1.More exclusive photos!!
2.A few cosmetic changes, nothing major!!

MAY 2001 1.More rare music added to discography!!
2.Photos of Chaka on CBS's 'Early Show' added!!-Thanks Kenny!!

JUNE 2001 1.Recent photos of Chaka & Milini from Jet Magazine added!!
2.Photo collection moved to MSN/Microsoft!!
3.Lyrics added to discography page.
4.CD Profile & 'Dare You To Love Me Page' is revamped!!
5.MY PERSONAL reviews added to discography!!
6.A few new tour dates added!!

JULY 2001 1.More lyrics added to the 'discography' pages!!
2.New captions being added to photo album(s)!!
3.World Club has new member!!
4.Chaka Khan & Rufus 2001 Tour Dates added!!
5.More music added to discography!!

August 2001 1.The Tour page is revamped!!
September 2001 1.Links Page is updated!
2.Rare CD Profile Page is updated!!

October 2001
1.The 'Chaka World Community' created @ MSN/Microsoft
November 2001
1.Photos moved to the 'Chaka World Community'
2.Minor cosmetic changes
December 2001
1.Previous messageboard closed, and a new one opened at
'The Chaka World Community'
2.The 'Chaka World Community' becomes PRIVATE, and membership is
required to access photos, messageboard & more!!
3.Four new 2001 Concert Photos added to 'Chaka World Community'

January 2002
1.More concert dates added!!
2.General site 'house cleaning'!!

February-March 2002
1.Messageboard at Community is used as main forum!!
2.Photo sampler page created, while entire
Chaka photo collection is moved to MSN/Microsoft!!
3.New photos are added!!
4.Links page is updated!!
5.We won the 'Golden Web Award' for 2002!!
6.Second page is redesigned!!
7.The 'Corbis Photo Album' is reinstated at the C.K.Community!!

April 2002
1.First 2 pages renovated with new design.
2.'Press Package' & other photos added at C.K.Community.
3.Photo Sampler Page is revamped.
4.'Chaka Facts' page is given new look!!
5.Webmaster Statement page added.

***Possible Future Updates!!***

a.Addition of more 'exclusive' photos (hopefully pictures from the 80's!!!)
b.Addition of quality links to the site.
c.Improve discography with 'personal' rating system, scarcity rating of Chaka music,
and possibly add written commentary for each Chaka Khan CD.
d.Hopefully more awards will be given to the site!!!
e.The Chaka Khan 'Wordsearch Challenge'!!
f.More additions to discography !!!