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This page will list past updates that
took place here at the Chaka Khan Zone!!!

MAY 1999 1.The Chaka Khan Zone is launched!!!
2.Four links are added

JUNE 1999 1.Joined the 'Afro-American Web Ring'
2.More photos of Chaka are added
3.Site is listed on
4.Two additional surveys are added

JULY 1999 1.Discography is added
2.Chaka Khan trivia pages are added
3.Joined the 'Women's Network' webring
4.More photos added

AUGUST 1999 1.Chaka photos from 1976-1977 are added via.
2.Discography updated

SEPTEMBER 1999 1.Joined the 'Real Divas' banner exchange program
2.More photos added
3.Recieved the Real Divas award for 'Website Excellence'
4.Two more links are added

OCTOBER 1999 1.The Chaka Khan Zone Club is launched!!
2.Listing on
3.Message board is added
4.Voting booth (for song nominations) added
5.Banner exchange with 'R&B Krazy' site

NOVEMBER 1999 1.Recieved the 'BUTTA' Award
2.Discography is updated
3.Recieved Sundown Lady's 'Twilight Award'

DECEMBER 1999 1.The discography is expanded with a 2nd page
2.Link to 'The Elemental Zone' (Earth Wind & Fire) added

JANUARY 2000 1.Additions to 'Discography Pt.2'
2.Webmaster Commentary is launched on the Message Board
3.A 'Submission Page' is 'considered' for Chaka Zone Club Members
4.The address for the website is NOW:
5.Added a 'banner' & exchanged links with Bing's Old School Site
6.Added another cool B&W photo of Chaka
7.New members added to 'Chaka Zone Club'
8.Website submitted to search engine
9.Atlanta 'Time & Weather' banner added

FEBRUARY 2000 1.Members added to the 'Chaka Khan Zone Club'.
2.Changes on the 2nd page of the site make navigation esier!!

MARCH 2000 1.Renovations to the Chaka Khan Zone begin on front page!!
2.The 2nd page is consolidated with the front page's new design.
3.'Platinum Membership' in the Chaka Zone Club improved with better incentives.
4.New members of the Chaka Zone Club added!!
5.Photo of Chaka & Bette Midler added!!
6.'The Chaka Zone Club' Member Page is improved & streamlined.
7.Improvement of banners on all 'sub-pages'!
8.More 'unique' photos & a page for website awards are added!!
9.Photo section is ORGANIZED, and an award from is added!
10.Discography is updated!!!
11.An 'updated' version of Chaka's biography is added!!

APRIL 2000 1.Additions to discography sections!!
2.Discography is revamped!!
3.FREE 'Chaka Khan Zone E-mail' is added!!!
4.The 'links section' is revamped & divided into 3 parts!!
5.Chaka's 'concert information page' is started!!
6.The 'C.K. Zone Store' is added to the main Discography Page.

MAY 2000 1.A cool Chaka photo with autograph from 1984 is added!!
2.Many future tour dates were added!! (Thanks to Raeven Productions!!)

JUNE 2000 1.The 'C.K. Zone Store' adds !!
2.Links to many 'True Divas' added on links page!!
3.More 'C.K. Zone Exclusive' pictures from the 70's & 80's are added!!
4.A single page is created for 'The Chaka Zone Stores'!!
5.Photo Contributions by 'Chakaholics' added to main 'photo page'!!
6.FREE & Safe 'PayPal Online Payment Services' now available at Discography page!!

JULY 2000 1.The photo section has been rebuilt with 'javascript' code!!
2.The 'Corbis' & 'Chakaholic' Photo Galleries are now in 'Javaform'
located with the other galleries.There are now 6 photo galleries!!
3.A photo gallery for all of the Rufus & Chaka Khan albums & CDs
has been added to the 'main discography' page!!
4.Award from 'Divas 2000' was given to The Chaka Khan Zone!!
5.A Direct link to Ebay's Chaka Khan auctions added to the C.K. Zone Store Page!