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1. COLONEL ABRAMS ['The Best Of']
--GERALD ALSTON (of The Manhattans) ['Open Invitation']
--CARL ANDERSON ['Carl Anderson', 'Fantsay Hotel', 'Heavy Weather']
2. STEVE ARRINGTON (of Slave) ['Hall Of Fame-VOL.1']
--AVANT ['My Thoughts', 'Ecstacy', 'Private Room', 'Director'-NEW 2006!, 'Greatest Hits & More!']
3. BABYFACE ['Lovers', 'Tender Lover', 'For The Cool In You', 'The Day', 'Babyface Christmas', 'MTV Unplugged', 'The Ultimate Collection', 'Face 2 Face', 'Grown & Sexy'(w/BONUS TRAX) , 'Ultimate Love Songs']
4. PHILIP BAILEY (of Earth Wind & Fire) ['Chinese Wall', 'Inside Out', 'Philip Bailey', 'Continuation', 'Family Affair', 'Gospel Hits', 'Life & Love', 'Dreams', 'Soul On Jazz', 'The Collection']
5. ERIC BENET ['A Day In The Life'(+Bonus Traxx!), 'Hurricane']
6. BIG BUB ['Comin' At Cha']
7. BILAL ['1st Born Second'(+Bonus Traxx!)]
8. CHUCKII BOOKER ['Chuckii', 'Nice n Wild']
9. BOBBY BROWN ['King Of Stage', 'Don't Be Cruel', 'Bobby', 'Two Can Play That Game' (Import Remix CD), 'Forever', 'Greatest Hits']
10. JAMES BROWN ['All Time Greatest Hits']
11. PEABO BRYSON ['Tonight I Celebrate My Love', 'Born To Love' (feat.Roberta Flack), 'All My Love', 'Anthology'(2CDs), 'The Duets Collection', 'Unconditional Love']

12. JONATHAN BUTLER ['Jonathan Butler', 'More Than Friends']
13. TEVIN CAMPBELL ['T.E.V.I.N.', 'I'm Ready', 'Back To The World', 'Tevin Campbell', 'The Collection']
---CASE ['Personal Conversation', 'Open Letter', '1996-2004 Collection']
---RAY CHARLES ['Love Songs', 'Ray' (Greatest Hits), 'Genius Loves Company']
---GEORGE CLINTON ['The Best Of']
14.BOOTSY COLLINS ['The Best Of', 'Live in Concert 1978']
---PHIL COLLINS ['Greatest Hits']
---SAM COOKE ['Ultimate Collection']
15. MICHAEL COOPER (of ConFunkShun) ['The Best Of Michael Cooper']

16. ANDRE CYMONE ['A.C.' (Produced By Prince In 1985) ]
17. D'ANGELO ['Brown Sugar', 'LIVE!', 'Voodoo', 'Ultimate Collection']
18. TERRENCE TRENT D'ARBY ['Introducing The Hardline']
---TYRONE DAVIS ['The Greatest Hits']
19. D-TRAIN ['The Ultimate Collection']
20. MORRIS DAY (of The Time)
['Color Of Success', 'Daydreaming', 'Guaranteed', 'Greatest SOLO Hits & MORE']

21. CHICO DEBARGE ['Long Time No See', 'The Game', 'Free', 'Ultimate Collection']
---EL DEBARGE ['Heart Mind Soul', 'Ultimate Collection']
22. WILL DOWNING ['Love's The Place To Be', 'Moods', 'Invitation Only', 'Pleasures Of The Night' (feat.G.Albright), 'All The Man You Need', 'Greatest Love Songs (2CDs)', 'Sensual Journey', 'Soulful Songbook'(Collection of Remakes)
, 'Soul Symphony']
---DWELE ['Subject']
---KEVON EDMONDS (from After 7) ['24/7']
23. JAMIE FOXX ['Peep This'(+BONUS TRAXX!) ,'Unpredictable'(+4 BONUS TRAXX!)]
24. MICHAEL FRANKS ['The Best Of']
25. MARVIN GAYE ['What's Going On ?', 'Let's Get It On', 'I Want You', 'LIVE! (1974)', 'LIVE!-At The London Palladium' (1977), 'Midnight Love', 'Ultimate Collection'(2CDs!)]
26. JOHNNY GILL ['Johnny Gill'(w/BONUS TRAX!) , Prevocative', 'Let's Set The Mood Right', 'Ultimate Slow Jams']
---GINUWINE ['The Bachelor', '100% Ginuwine', 'The Life', 'Senior', 'Ultimate Collection', 'Back II Da Basics']
27. LARRY GRAHAM (& Graham Central Station)['The Greatest Hits']

28. AL GREEN ['Ultimate Collection', 'Greatest Gospel Songs', 'I Can't Stop', 'Everything's OK']
29. AARON HALL (of Guy) ['The Truth', 'Inside Of You']
30. DAMIEN HALL (of Guy)['Straight To The Point']
---ANTHONY HAMILTON (ALL CDs have BONUS TRACKS ADDED!) ['Comin From Where I'm From', 'Soulife', 'Aint Nobody Worryin' - NEW 2005]
---STEVE HARVEY(Comedian)['Sign Of Things To Come'] (New music compilation w/Dave Hollister, Carl Thomas, Mary J.Blige, Angie Stone, Yolanda Adams, Rahsaan Patterson, and more!!)
31. DONNY HATHAWAY ['Everything Is Everything', 'Donny Hathaway', 'Live(2CDs!)', 'The Collection']
---ISAAC HAYES ['Black Moses'(2CDs), 'Greatest Hits']
32. GIL SCOTT-HERON ['The Revolution Will Not Be Televised']
33. HOWARD HEWETT (of Shalamar) ['I Commit To Love', 'Forever & Ever', 'Howard Hewett', 'Allegiance', 'It's Time', 'The Very Best Of', 'Fantasy Love' (Non-Album Traxx!)]
---GREGORY HINES ['Gregory Hines']
---DAVE HOLLISTER ['Ghetto Hymns', 'Chicago 85', 'The Game Done Changed', 'Real Talk', 'The Collection']

---MARQUES HOUSTON ['MH' (2003), 'Naked' (2005)]
34. JAMES INGRAM ['Never Felt So Good', 'The Best Of']
35. FREDDIE JACKSON ['Rock Me Tonight', 'Just Like The First Time', 'Don't Let Love Slip Away', 'Do Me Again', 'Here It Is', 'Ultimate Collection'(2CDs)]
36. JERMAINE JACKSON ['The Best Of', 'You Said', 'Don't Take It Personal']
37. MICHAEL JACKSON ['Love Songs', 'Off The Wall', 'Thriller', 'BAD', 'Dangerous', 'History Continued', 'Invincible', 'Ultimate Collection'(2CDs!), 'Rarities'(Non album tracks)]
---JAHEIM ['Ghetto Love'(w/Bonus Trax), 'Still Ghetto'(w/Bonus Trax) , 'Ghetto Classics'- NEW CD 2006!]
38. RICK JAMES ['Ultimate Collection(2CDs)', 'Live 1981', 'Come Get It', 'Street Songs', 'Throwin Down', 'Wonderful', 'Urban Rhapsody' 'Rick James & Friends']
39.AL JARREAU ['L Is For Lover', 'Heaven & Earth', 'Tenderness', ' The Best Of']
40. MILES JAYE ['Miles', 'Irresistable', 'Strong', 'Ultimate Collection']
41. JOE ['Everything', 'All That I Am', 'My Name Is Joe', 'Better Days', 'And Then..', 'The Ultimate Collection']
42. JESSE JOHNSON (of The Time) ['Jesse Johnson's Revue'(+Bonus Trax), 'Shockadelica'(+Bonus Trax), 'Every Shade Of Love'(+Bonus Trax), 'Collection']
43. DONELL JONES ['My Heart', 'Where I Wanna Be', 'Life Goes On', 'Ultimate Collection', 'Journey of A Gemini' (+Bonus Trax)]

44. GLENN JONES ['Everybody Loves A Winner', 'Finesse', 'Here I Go Again', 'Greatest Hits', 'Here I Am']
45. ORAN 'JUICE' JONES ['Oran Juice Jones']
---MONTELL JORDAN ['This Is How We Do It', 'More', 'Get It On Tonite', 'Let's Ride', 'Montell Jordan', 'Greatest Hits 1995-2002']
---TOM JOYNER ['Old School Mix CD 1', 'Old School Mix CD 2']
46. KASHIF ['Love Changes', 'The Best Of']
47. R.KELLY ['Born In To The 90's', '12 Play', 'R.Kelly', 'R' (2CDs), '', 'Loveland', 'Chocolate Factory', 'Ultimate Collection' (2CDs), 'Freak Tonight', 'Happy People/U Saved Me' (2CDs), 'Remix Collection I', 'T.P.3-Reloaded']
---KEM ['Kemistry', 'Album II' (Plus Bonus Trax)]
48. EDDIE KENDRICKS (of the Temptations) ['The Ultimate Collection']
49. KENNY LATTIMORE ['Kenny Lattimore', 'From The Soul Of The Man', 'Weekend', 'Ultimate Collection']
---KENNY LATTIMORE & CHANTE MOORE ['Things That Lovers Do']
---JOHN LEGEND ['Get Lifted'(+Bonus Trax), 'Live @ SOB's', ''Once Again'(+Bonus Trax!) - 2006!]
50. EDDIE & GERALD LEVERT ['Father & Son' (+5 BONUS TRAXX!)]
51. GERALD LEVERT ['Private Line', 'Groove On', 'Love & Consequences', 'G', 'The 1991-2001 Collection', 'Geralds World', 'G Spot', 'Stroke Of Genius', 'Do I Speak For The World ?', 'The Duets Collection']
52. SEAN LEVERT ['The Other Side']
---LLOYD ['Southside']

---LYFE (Jennings)['LYFE 268-192' (plus 2 Bonus Remixes!!), 'The Phoenix' (Plus Bonus Track!) - NEW 2006 ]
---MARIO ['Turning Point'(with BONUS TRAXX!) ]
54. MAXWELL (*All CDs Have Bonus Trax!) ['Urban Hang Suite', 'Embrya', 'Live:MTV Unplugged', 'Now', 'Ultimate Collection']
55. CURTIS MAYFIELD ['LIVE!', 'Superfly', 'The Very Best Of']
---PAUL McCARTNEY ['The Best Of']
56. FRANK McCOMB ['Life Stories']
57. BRIAN McKNIGHT ['Anytime', 'Back At One', 'Superhero', 'U Turn', 'Gemini', 'Ultimate Collection' (2CDs), 'The Love Songs', '10' - NEW 2006!]
58. GEORGE MICHAEL ['Faith', 'The Best Of' (2 CDs)]

---NeYo ['In My Own Words' (EXPANDED Edition w/BONUS TRACKS!) ]
59. O'BRYAN ['The Best Of']
60. BILLY OCEAN ['Greatest Hits']
61. OMAR ['The Best By Far']
---OMARION (from B2K)['O'-NEW CD 2005!!]
62. ALEXANDER O'NEAL ['Alexander O'Neal', 'Hearsay', 'Love Makes No Sense', 'Lovers Again ?', 'Ultimate Collection']
63. JEFFREY OSBORNE ['The Best Of', 'One Love One Dream', 'For Sure']
64. RAY PARKER, JR. (& Raydio)['The Greatest Hits']

---RAHSAAN PATTERSON ['Love In Stereo']
---BILLY PAUL ['The Best Of']
65. TEDDY PENDERGRASS ['Ultimate Collection'(2 CDs), 'Love Language', 'Joy']
66. PHIL PERRY ['Heart Of A Man', 'Pure Pleasure']
---JESSE POWELL ['Jesse Powell', 'Bout It', 'JP', 'Ultimate Collection']
67. PRINCE ['For You', Prince', 'Dirty Mind', 'Controversy', '1999', 'Purple Rain' SDTK, 'Around THe World In A Day', 'Under The Cherry Moon' SDTK, 'Sign O The Times' (2CDs), 'Lovesexy', 'The Black Album', 'Diamonds & Pearls', 'The Symbol' CD, 'The Hits Collection' (3 CDs), 'Come', 'The Gold Experience', 'Emancipation' (3 CDs), 'Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic', '12 Inches 2 A Yard-Rare Remixes' (4 CDs), 'I LOVE U-The Slow Jam Collection 1978-1999' (2CDs), 'The Rainbow Children', 'Live..One Night Alone'(2 CDs), 'The Afterparty', 'Musicology' (+BONUS TRACKS!), '3121'- 2006!]
---LOU RAWLS ['Live!', 'Greatest Hits' (+BONUS TRACKS!)]
68. JEFF REDD ['A Quiet Storm']
---OTIS REDDING ['Live In Europe', 'King & Queen'(w/Carla Thomas) 'The Very Best Of']
69. LIONEL RICHIE (of The Commodores)['Lionel Richie', 'Dancing On The Ceiling', 'Back To Front', 'Louder Than Words', 'Greatest Hits 1982-1996', 'Coming Home' - 2006!]
---MELVIN RILEY (of Ready For The World)['Ghetto Love']

70. SMOKEY ROBINSON ['Ultimate Collection']
---RAPHAEL SADDIQ ['Instant Vintage'(plus Bonus Trax!)]
---SANTANA ['Supernatural']
71. MUSIQ SOULCHILD ['Ajuswanaseing' (I Just Want To Sing), 'Juslisen' (Just Listen) , 'Soulstar', 'Greatest Hits & More']
72. MICHAEL SPEAKS ['No Equal']
---STING (fr.The Police) ['Ultimate Collection 1994-2004']
---RUBEN STUDDARD ['Soulful', 'I Need An Angel']
73. AL B. SURE ['Greatest Hits']
74. KEITH SWEAT ['Make It Last Forever', 'Get Up On It', 'Greatest Hits 1987-1997', 'Rebirth', 'Live!']
---SYLVESTER ['1977-1986 Anthology']
---TANK ['Force Of Nature']

---JOHNNIE TAYLOR ['Greatest Hits'(2CDs), 'There's No Good In Goodbye']
---TONY TERRY ['Tony Terry' (includes the hits 'With You' & 'Everlasting Love') ]
75. CARL THOMAS ['Emotional', 'Let's Talk About It']
76. LILLO THOMAS ['The Best Of']

77. RALPH TRESVANT ['Ralph Tresvant', 'It's Goin Down']
---TYRESE ['Tyrese', '2000 Watts', 'I Wanna Go There']
---USHER ['Usher', 'My Way', 'Live', '8701', 'Confessions'(w/BONUS TRAX!), 'Decade Collection' (1994-2004)']
---BOBBY VALENTINO ['Bobby Valentino' (Plus Bonus Tracks!)]
78. LUTHER VANDROSS ['Never Too Much', 'Forever For Always For Love', 'Busy Body', 'The Night I Fell In Love', 'Give Me The Reason', 'Any Love', 'Power Of Love', 'Never Let Go', 'Songs', 'Your Secret Love', 'I Know', 'Luther Vandross', 'The Duets Collection', 'Luther Vandross Live', 'Forever For Always For Luther (Jazz Tribute)', 'Ultimate Collection' (3 CD Set!), 'So Amazing-Tribute To Luther', 'Dance With My Father' (NOW with 2 BONUS TRACKS FOR 2006 - 'Shine' & 'Got You Home') ]
79.KEITH WASHINGTON ['Make Time For Love', 'You Make It Easy', 'K.W.', 'Ultimate Collection']

80.BARRY WHITE ['Put Me In Your Mix', 'The Icon Is Love', 'Staying Power', 'The Ultimate Collection'(3 CDs)]
---LENNY WILLIAMS (of Tower Of Power)['The Greatest Hits']
81.CHRISTOPHER WILLIAMS ['Adventures In Paradise', 'Changes', 'Not A Perfect Man', 'Real Men Do', 'Collection'-COMING SOON!]
82.CHARLIE WILSON (of The Gap Band) ['You Turn My Life Around', 'Bridging The Gap', 'Charlie Last Name Wilson' (Plus Bonus Tracks!)]
83.BILL WITHERS ['Greatest Hits']
84.BOBBY WOMACK ['In Concert', 'Ultimate Collection']
85.STEVIE WONDER ['Music Of My Mind', 'Talking Book', 'Innervisions', 'Fulfillingness' 1st Finale', 'Songs In The Key Of Life', 'Hotter Than July', 'In Square Circle', 'Jungle Fever', 'Characters', 'Conversation Piece', 'Ultimate 1970's', 'Ultimate 1980's', 'Original Musiquarium(2CDs)', 'A Time 2 Love'-NEW CD 2005!]

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