A Woman Who Bets

An attractive black woman went to a bank to open an account. She went to the teller and said that she wanted to open an account and deposit $1 million dollars, but she only will do business with the bank president. The teller granted the woman's request and called the president. The president brought the woman in his office. The stylishly dressed sister showed the man the $1 million dollars and told him she wanted to put the money in an account. The president asked the woman how she acquired the $1 million dollars. She responded that she makes bets. She added that she would make a bet with the president. She told him that she would bet $100 dollars that at 12 noon that the bankers balls would be square. The banker accepted the sure bet and the woman left the bank. At 12 noon, the black woman returned to the bank with a man and went to see the president. When she entered the president's office, the bank executive asked who the man was. The woman responded that he was her lawyer and he is always present when she does business. The president consented to the man's presence in his office. The president then told the woman that she owed him $100 dollars because his balls were not square. But the sister said she needed proof for herself. The banker then locked his door and dropped his pants. The woman the grabbed the bankers balls and they were indeed not square. The black woman then gave the banker the $100 dollars and left. The man that came with the woman was banging his head against the wall. The bank president pulled up his pants and asked the man what was wrong. The man responded that the woman bet him $1,000 that at 12 noon she would have a banker by the balls.

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