Chaka Khan:A True Diva For All Seasons!








Part 5-'Divadom'

Chaka Khan Greets A 'Chakaholic'
March 2000 (Atlanta, GA.)

Since Chaka left Warner Brothers in 1996, she has created her own label (Earth Song), and her production company (Raeven Productions) keeps her career moving in the right direction.Chaka has also given her sister, Tammy McCrary, the demanding job of personally managing her career.With a busy performing & recording schedule, Chaka is eager to start her 4th decade of superstardom under her own terms.Raeven Productions is based in the Los Angeles area, but Chaka still maintains a home in Europe, where she is adored by the international community.Other interests that keep Chaka busy include selling her own line of candy ('Chakalates'), and the money is given to charities through her 'Chaka Khan Foundation'.

While Chaka doesn't release albums every year like some artists, she remains very busy performing on MANY other projects for her friends in the industry, and she remains very much in demand to this day.Chaka has appeared on almost 90 albums & CDs outside of her regular releases, and she is quite the team player.From George Benson to Miles Davis to Quincy Jones to Stevie Wonder, and on & on, Chaka has worked with so many other legends in music, and her place in 'Divadom' is set in stone.She is MORE than 'I Feel For You', and lovers of quality music know the real deal!!

These days, Chaka Khan loves to perform for her loyal fans, and appear on T.V. shows like 'B.E.T.'s Jazz Central', 'Malcolm and Eddie' & 'Motown Live', but loyal Chakaholics eagerly await her new recordings.Segments of her string of 'jazz performances' at New York's Blue Note were recorded, and Chaka made plans to release BOTH a new Jazz CD & DVD.Chaka hasn't given up on traditional R&B music, but since her first love is jazz, we should applaud her new works in the complex genre whenever they are released.