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The Diva Court

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Aretha Franklin is the 'Queen Of Soul', period!! With that fact acknowledged, I would like to present other singers worthy of being in 'Aretha's Diva Court'. These singers are REAL SOUL SINGERS (& musicians) with at least 10 years of success, so don't expect to see a teen sensation or a pop vocalist here!! If you would like to nominate a singer to be in this court, make your thoughts known on our messageboard!!

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This is a great site to learn about Chaka's 30+ year career as both a member of Rufus, and a solo sensation. Chaka is a 8 time Grammy winner who can sing R&B, Pop, Jazz, and more!! Chaka has performed at Aretha's birthday parties and they are also good friends (they're also Aries Divas)!! Man, can we get a Aretha / Chaka duet ???

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Patti LaBelle
This is a nice site dedicated to 'Miss Patti-Patti', and her greatness cannot be denied!! Patti is a true survivor, and her success as a part of 'The Bluebelles' & 'LaBelle' or as a solo artist spans almost 5 decades. Patti is still very popular, and her career was given new life in the 1980's when she told the world about her 'New Attitude'!!

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Diana Ross
Diana 'The Boss' Ross is synonymous with the term Diva (& not always in a good way!!). She has been around for 5 decades, and even though she no longer makes #1 hit songs, her loyal fan base buys everything she records. In terms of sheer singing, Diana couldn't hang with Aretha, Chaka, or Patti, BUT Diana is among the BEST in terms of 'style'. She knows she's a Diva & that can be a problem sometimes!! Diana did 'what she had to do' to make it in music (& occassionally movies!!). Ross is still trying to recover from the recent 'Supremes Reunion Tour' fiasco & poor CD sales!!

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Natalie Cole
A site dedicated to one of R&B's legends from the past 25+ years!While escaping her father's huge shadow, Natalie had to battle the constant comparisons to Aretha.Natalie Cole is a great diva who overcame many problems, and she deserves getting props!!

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Tina Turner
She still has great legs, and you will enjoy this site for a true 'Diva Pioneer'!! I love Tina & she has been an inspiration to many. Great talent & still a showstopper with legs insured for 1 Million Dollars by Lloyds Of London.

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Donna Summer
The original 'Bad Girl' & Queen Of Disco!! Donna is a true diva that can survived the 'death of disco' because she can REALLY SING. She is the ONLY disco act that I would still want to see!!

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Anita Baker
Anita Baker, the 8-Time Grammy Winning Diva who sang about 'Sweet Love', is one of the most popular vocalists who became a superstar in 1985 when her 'Rapture' CD hit the streets. Baker also started out as a vocalist for the group Chapter 8 (mid 1970's), and her debut CD, 'The Songstress' (1983 Beverly Glen) was well recieved in R&B circles. Before releasing her latest CD ('My Everything' in 2004), Anita took an extended break to raise her kids, and she's set to record jazz in the near future.

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Whitney Houston
Whitney is a special talent, and I would love to see photos of her singing background for Chaka Khan in 1980 as a 16 year old!! She did get 'diva lessons' early, but hopefully she can escape certain 'demons' and sing her butt off again!!

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Teena Marie
Teena has got to be the one of the most talented female musicians, ever!! She writes, produces, arranges, and performs most of the music on her albums. And that voice is pretty special too!! Teena is a true diva!!

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Phyllis Hyman
Man, what can I say about this underappreciated Diva ?? She was jazzy, sophisticated, and loved by her loyal fans. Even though her problems got the best of her, we are lucky to have her music to play on 'that rainy day'. I really miss her.

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Angela Bofill
Another underappreciated songstress!! Angela Bofill is a great singer who has HER OWN style!! Her music has elements of Jazz, Afro-Cuban Rhythms, and R&B to create that 'Bofill Sound'. Soulful & expressive vocals mainly sung in an awesome lower register is what Bofill specializes in, and she can also hit the HIGH notes at the right time!!

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 Patrice Rushen
Patrice Rushen is a REAL MUSIC DIVA, period!! She writes, produces, and plays the majority of the music on her CDs. While being constantly in demand, Patrice started out as a classically-trained jazz prodigy while in her early teens during 1974, and she has continued to perfect styles in Jazz, R&B, and straight up Funk!!

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 Mariah Carey
Here is the case of a real diva that has risen to superstardom, almost lost it all, then clawed her way back after 15 years in the game! I admire Mariah's 'octaves', and she has obviously matured while retaining that ol flava she's known for. Hate her or love her, Mariah is still here after 15 years!

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Sade Adu is the face, voice, name, and inspiration for the English group Sade. While not possessing the ultra-high octaves of many other divas, Sade uses her voice to bring life to the lyrics she writes. Yes, Sade is the principal lyricist for her group , and when her subdued vocals are combined with her jazzy band, look out!! The thing that impresses me about Sade is that she records what she wants & when she wants!! Only a REAL DIVA could do that!!

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 Mary J.Blige
Well, here she is, the 'Queen Of Hip-Hop Soul', and she's been growing as a vocalist since her first CD in 1991. Mary J.Blige is a diva for the fact that she's a survivor, and while being compared to Chaka & Aretha, she's carved her niche in the world of music. While her 'remakes' aren't the best, her original tunes pack plenty of raw emotion, and Blige's duet with Aretha ('Don't Waste Your Time' 1999) was an event. After 15 years on the scene, Mary seems to be here to stay, and that's a Diva for you!

Other Divas In The Court!

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