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1. AFTER 7 ['Ultimate Collection', 'Takin My Time']
2. ANOTHER BAD CREATION ['Coolin At The Playground']
3. ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT ['Zingalamadumi', 'Greatest Hits']
4. ART OF NOISE ['Who's Afraid Of The Art Of Noise ?']
--ASHFORD & SIMPSON ['Ultimate Collection', 'Send It', 'Is It Still Good To Ya ?']
5. ATLANTIC STARR ['Ultimate Collection'(1980-1994), 'All In The Name Of Love']
6. AURRA ['Anthology'(2CDs)]
--AZ YET ['Az Yet']
--B2K ['Pandemonium']
8. BAR-KAYS ['Greatest Hits']
--BASIC BLACK ['Basic Black']
9. BELL BIV DEVOE ['Poison', 'Best Of', 'Remixes']
--THE BLACKBYRDS ['Greatest Hits']

--BLACK IVORY ['Greatest Hits']
10. BLACKSTREET ['Blackstreet', 'Another Level', 'Finally', 'Level II', 'Ultimate Collection']
---BLOODSTONE ['The Very Best Of']
---BLUE MAGIC ['Greatest Hits']
11. BOYZ II MEN ['Coolyhighharmony', 'II', 'Evolution', 'Nathan Wanya Michael Shawn', 'Full Circle', 'Ultimate Collection']
---BRASS CONSTRUCTION ['Greatest Hits']
---THE BRAXTONS (Toni Braxton's Sisters!!)['So Many Ways']
12. BROTHERS JOHNSON ['Light Up The Night', 'Looking Out For #1', 'The Best Of']
13. BROWNSTONE ['From The Bottom Up', 'Still Climbing']
14. C&C MUSIC FACTORY ['Gonna Make You Sweat']
15. CAMEO ['Secret Omen', 'Cameosis', 'Knights Of The Sound Table', 'Aligator Woman', 'She's Strange', 'Single Life', 'Word Up', 'The Best of Cameo-VOL.1', 'The 12 Inch Collection', 'LIVE!!', 'Slow Jam Collection']

---CHAMPAIGN ['How Bout Us:The Very Best Of']
16. CHANGE ['The Glow Of Love', 'The Best Of']
---CHANGING FACES ['Changing Faces', 'All Day All Night', 'Visit Me', 'The Best Of']
17. CHIC ['The Best Of', 'Chic-ISM']
---CHI-LITES ['Greatest Hits']
---THE CLARKE/DUKE PROJECT ['The Clarke/Duke Project']
18. CLUB NOUVEAU ['Love Life Pain', 'Listen To The Message']
19. COMMODORES ['Ultimate Collection', 'Live In Concert']
20. CON FUNK SHUN ['The Best Of']
21. DAMIAN DAME ['Damian Dame']
---THE DAZZ BAND ['The Best Of']
22. DEBARGE ['Love Me In A Special Way', 'All This Love', 'Greatest Hits']
23. THE DEELE (featuring Babyface) ['The Best Of']
24. DEJA (formerly known as Aurra) ['Serious']

25. THE DELFONICS ['Greatest Hits']
---THE DELLS ['Greatest Hits']
26. DESTINY'S CHILD ['Greatest Hits & MORE', 'Destiny Fulfilled'(+Bonus Traxx)]
---THE DRAMATICS ['Greatest Hits']
27. DRU HILL (feat. Sisqo) ['Ultimate Collection', 'Dru World Order']
28. DYNASTY ['The Best Of']
29. EARTH WIND & FIRE ['Earth Wind and Fire', 'The Need Of Love', 'Last Days & Times', 'Head To The Sky', 'Open Our Eyes', 'That's The Way Of The World', 'Gratitude', 'Spirit', 'All n All', 'The Greatest Hits-VOL.1', 'I Am', 'Faces', 'Raise', 'Powerlight', 'Electric Universe', 'Touch The World', 'Heritage', 'Millenium', 'Greatest Hits LIVE!', 'In The Name Of Love', 'The Eternal Dance' (3CDs), 'Alive In 1975', 'Live In Rio', 'Ultimate Collection', 'The Promise', 'Illumination']
30. THE EMOTIONS ['Greatest Hits I', 'Rejoice', 'Greatest Hits II']
31. ENCHANTMENT ['The Best Of']

32. ENVOGUE ['Born To Sing', 'Funky Divas', 'Runaway Love', 'Masterpiece Theatre', 'Ultimate Collection 1990-2004', 'Soulflower']
33. THE FAMILY (produced by Prince) ['The Family']
---THE FATBACK BAND ['The Best Of']
34. FIVE STAR (family group from England) ['The Ultimate Collection']
---FLOETRY ['Floetic'(w/BONUS Trax!), 'Flo-Ology'-NEW CD 2005!!]
35. FORCE M.D.s ['The Greatest Hits', 'Step To Me']
---THE FOUR TOPS ['Ultimate Collection']
36. THE FUGEES (w/Lauryn Hill & Wyclef Jean) ['The Score', 'Bootlegs & Remixes', 'Ultimate Collection']
---FULL FORCE ['Guess Who's Comin To The Crib', 'Don't Sleep', 'Sugar On Top', 'Greatest Hits']
37. FUNKADELIC ['One Nation Under A Groove', 'Parliament/Funkadelic-Ultimate P.Funk']
38. THE GAP BAND ['Gap Band IV', 'Ultimate Collection', 'The 12" Collecion', 'Round Trip', '1979-1989 Collection']
39. GROOVE THEORY ['Groove Theory']

40. G.Q. ['Greatest Hits']
41. GUY ['Guy', 'The Future', 'Guy III', 'Ultimate Collection']
42. HALL & OATES ['Ultimate Collection 1974-1988']
43. HEATWAVE ['Too Hot To Handle', 'Greatest Hits']
45. HI FIVE ['The Greatest Hits']
---H-TOWN ['Fever For Da Flavor']
46. THE HUMAN LEAGUE ['Crash']
---IMPROMP2 (Jazzy R&B)['Can't Get Enough', 'The Definition Of Love']
47. INNER CITY ['Big Fun']
---INTRO ['Intro', 'New Life']
---THE INTRUDERS ['The Best Of']
48. ISLEY BROTHERS ['Greatest Hits', 'The Heat Is On', 'Go For Your Guns', 'Harvest For The World', 'Between The Sheets', 'Smooth Sailing', 'Spend The Night', 'Tracks Of Life, 'Mission To Please', 'Slow & Smooth Collection(2CDs)', 'Eternal', 'Essential Isleys (1973-1983)', 'Body Kiss', 'Baby Makin' Music'-2006]

---THE JACKSON 5 (on Motown!!)['Diana Ross Presents', 'ABC', 'Skywritter', 'Get It Together', 'Greatest Hits']
49. THE JACKSONS ['The Jacksons', 'Goin Places', 'Destiny', 'Triumph', 'Live!', 'Victory', '2300 Jackson St', 'Greatest Hits']
50. JADE ['Live On B.E.T.', 'Mind Body Song']
51. JAGGED EDGE ['A Jagged Era', J.E.Heartbreak', 'Jagged Little Thrill', 'Ultimate Collection', 'Hard', 'Jagged Edge'(+2 BONUS TRAXX!!) - 2006!]
52. JODECI ['The Show Afterparty & Hotel', 'Ultimate Collection']
---JODECI / K-Ci & JoJo (Both Groups On 1 CD!) ['The Collection']
---K-Ci & JoJo (of Jodeci)['Love Always', 'It's Real', 'X']
53. THE JONES GIRLS ['The Best Of']
54. KIARA ['To Change & or Make A Difference']
---KINDRED, THE FAMILY SOUL ['Surrender To Love']

55. KLYMAXX ['The Ultimate Collection']
---GLADYS KNIGHT & The Pips ['The Essential Collection', 'All Our Love']
56. KOOL & THE GANG ['The Best Of I: 1969-1976', 'The Best Of II: 1979-1987']
57. LAKESIDE ['Fantastic Voyage', 'Greatest Hits']
---KENNY LATTIMORE & CHANTE MOORE ['Things That Lovers Do']
---STACY LATTISAW & JOHNNY GILL ['Perfect Combination']
58. LES NUBIANS ['Princesses Nubiennes', 'One Step Forward']
59. LEVERT ['Bloodline', 'Throwdown', 'Just Coolin', 'Rope A Dope Style', 'For Real Tho', 'The Whole Scenerio', 'The Slow Jams']
60. L.S.G. (Gerald LeVert, Keith Sweat, and Johnny Gill) ['L.S.G.', 'L.S.G.2']
61. LISA LISA & CULT JAM (produced by Full Force) ['Straight To The Sky', 'Outta Hell's Kitchen', 'Ultimate Collection']
62. LOOSE ENDS ['So Where Are You ?', 'A Little Spice', 'Zagorra', 'The Real Chuckiboo', 'Tighten Up-The Remixes', 'Look How Long', 'The 1983-1988 Collection']

63. L.T.D ['Togetherness', 'The Best Of L.T.D. & Jeffrey Osborne 1976-1990']
64. LUCY PEARL (feat.Dawn Robinson & Raphael Saddiq) ['Lucy Pearl']
65. LO KEY ['Where Dey At ?']
66. THE MAC BAND ['The Mac Band']
---THE MAIN INGREDIENT ['Greatest Hits']
67. THE MANHATTANS ['The Best Of']
68. THE MARY JANE GIRLS (prod. by Rick James)['Mary Jane Girls', 'Ultimate Collection']
---JOHNNY MATHIS & DENIECE WILLIAMS ['That's What Friends Are For']
69. MAZE featuring FRANKIE BEVERLY ['Live In New Orleans', 'Live In Los Angeles' (The 2 Live CDs Have Different Songs!), 'Silky Soul', 'Back To Basics', 'Ultimate Collection'(2CDs)']
70. HAROLD MELVIN & THE BLUENOTES (featuring Teddy Pendergrass)['The Best Of']
71. MIDNIGHT STAR ['Ultimate Collection']
72. MINT CONDITION ['From The Mint Factory', 'Definition Of A Band', 'Life's Aquarium', 'Ultimate Collection', 'Livin The Luxury Brown', 'Live At The 9:30 Club'-2006!!]

---THE MOMENTS (later known at Ray Goodman & Brown) ['Greatest Hits']
73. MTUME ['Juicy Fruit', 'You Me & He', Theater Of The Mind', 'The Collection']
---NEW BIRTH ['Golden Classics']
74. NEW EDITION ['Heartbreak', 'Home Again', 'Lost In Love-The Slow Jams', 'Ultimate Collection', 'One Love']
75. NEXT ['Rated Next', 'Welcome To Nextasy', 'The Next Episode', 'Ultimate Collection']
76. THE OHIO PLAYERS ['Skin Tight', 'The Best Of']
77. THE OJAYS ['Live In London', 'Ship Ahoy', 'The Ojays VS. The Blue Notes', 'The Best Of VOL.1', 'The Best Of VOL.2']
78. 112 ['112', 'Room 112', 'Part III', 'Ultimate Collection', 'Soft & Wet', 'Pleasure & Pain'(w/BONUS REMIX) -NEW CD 2005!]
79. ONE WAY ['The Best Of One Way & Alicia Myers']
80. PARLIAMENT / FUNKADELIC ['Ultimate P.Funk Collection']

---THE POLICE ['The Greatest Hits']
---PORTRAIT ['Portrait']
---RAY, GOODMAN & BROWN (formerlly known as the Moments) ['Greatest Hits']
---READY FOR THE WORLD ['Long Time Coming', 'Ultimate Collection']
82. RENE' & ANGELA (featuring Angela Winbush) ['The Best Of', 'Street Called Desire']
---SMOKEY ROBINSON & THE MIRACLES ['Going To A Go-Go', 'The Tears Of A Clown']
---ROSE ROYCE ['The Very Best Of']
---DAVID RUFFIN / JIMMY RUFFIN ['Greatest Hits']
83. RUFUS featuring CHAKA KHAN ['Rufus', 'Rags To Rufus', 'Rufusized', 'Rufus Featuring Chaka Khan', 'Ask Rufus', 'Street Player', 'Camouflage', 'Masterjam', 'LIVE-Stompin At The Savoy!', 'The Ultimate Collection']
84. THE RUDE BOYS ['Rude Awakening']
85. SHAI ['If Ever I Fall In Love', 'Right Back At Cha', 'Blackface']
86. SHALAMAR (featuring Howard Hewett & Jody Watley) ['Big Fun', 'Three For Love', 'Friends', 'The Look', Heartbreak', 'Ultimate Collection']

87. SILK ['Lose Control', 'Silk', 'Tonight', 'Love Session', 'Greatest Hits']
---SISTER SLEDGE ['Greatest Hits', 'African Eyes']
88. SKYY ['Ultimate Collection', 'Nearer To You', 'Start Of A Romance']
89. SLAVE ['Stone Jam', 'Ultimate Collection'(2CDs)]
90. SLY & THE FAMILY STONE ['Anthology(2CDs)', 'Fresh']
91. THE S.O.S. BAND ['S.O.S', 'Just Be Good To Me/Sands Of Time' (2-on-1 CD) , 'Diamonds In The Raw', 'Of So Many Nights', 'Ultimate Collection'(2CDs)]
92. SOUL II SOUL ['Keep On Moving', 'VOL.II-1990 A New Decade', 'VOL.3-Just Right', 'VOL.5-Believe', 'Ultimate Collection']
93. SOUNDS OF BLACKNESS ['Africa To America', 'Very Best Of']
94. THE SPINNERS ['The Very Best of', 'Mighty Love', 'Live']
---STARPOINT ['Restless/Sensational' (2 Albums on 1 CD!)]
---THE STYLISTICS ['The Best Of The Stylistics']
95. SURFACE ['Surface', '3 Deep', 'The Ultimate Collection']
96. SWITCH {featuring DeBarge Brothers}['The Best Of Switch']

97. S.W.V. ['It's About Time', 'Ultimate Collection']
98. A TASTE OF HONEY ['Golden Honey', 'Twice As Sweet', 'A Taste of Honey']
---THE TEMPREES ['The Best Of']
99. THE TEMPTATIONS ['A Song For You', 'Emperors Of Soul'(5CDs), 'Ultimate Collection 1964-1998', 'Phoenix Rising', 'Ear-Resistible']
100. THE TIME (also check Morris Day)['The Time', 'What Time Is It ?', 'Ice Cream Castles', 'Pandomonium', 'Greatest Hits 1981-1990']
101. T.L.C. ['Ooh On The TLC Tip', 'CrazySexyCool', 'Remixes', '3D', 'Ultimate Collection']
----TODAY ['The New Formula']
103. TONY TONI TONE ['Who', 'The Revival', 'Sons Of Soul', 'House Of Music', 'Greatest Hits & MORE']

----TOTAL ['Total', '2nd Album', 'Greatest Hits & More']
----TOWER OF POWER ['The Very Best Of']
104. TROOP ['Attitude', 'Deepa']

----IKE & TINA TURNER ['The Best Of']
105. VANITY 6 ['Vanity 6' (Plus 10 BONUS TRACKS!!)]
106. VERTICAL HOLD (featuring Angie Stone) ['Heads Up', 'A Matter Of Time']
----WAR ['Greatest Hits'(2 CDs), 'Live'(2CDs)]
107. THE WHISPERS ['In The Mood', 'Just Gets Better With Time', 'So Good', 'More Of The Night', 'Toast To The Ladies', 'The Babyface Songbook', 'Ultimate Collection'(3CDs)]
108. XSCAPE ['Hummin Comin At Cha', 'Off The Hook', 'Traces Of My Lipstick', 'The Collection'']
109. ZAPP & ROGER TROUTMAN ['All The Great Hits', 'Bridging The Gap' (Roger)]
110. ZHANE ['Pronounced Jah-Nay', 'Saturday Night', 'Collection']
111.MORE TO COME!!!!!

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