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Rufus featuring Chaka Khan

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Rufus featuring Chaka Khan
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1973 - 1983

1. 'Rufus' (1973, ABC/MCA)
2. 'Rags To Rufus' (1974, ABC/MCA)
3. 'Rufusized' (1974, ABC/MCA)
4. 'Rufus featuring Chaka Khan' (1975, ABC/MCA)
5. 'Ask Rufus' (1977, ABC/MCA)
6. 'Street Player' (1978, MCA)
7. 'Masterjam'(1979, MCA)
8. 'Camouflage' (1981, MCA)
9. 'Live:Stompin' At The Savoy'
(1983, W.B.)

**Click on links for each album's lyrics!**

**Customized Rufus & Chaka Collections**
(CDs Aren't Available In Stores!!)
*10. 'Rufus & Chaka-The Ultimate Anthology 1973-1983'
*11. The Rufus Featuring Chaka Khan Remasters I
*12. The Rufus Featuring Chaka Khan Remasters II
*13. The Rufus Featuring Chaka Khan Remasters III
*14. 'Camouflage' (Remastered & Expanded)
*15. 'Live:Stompin' At The Savoy' (Expanded Ed.)
(Expanded Edition Now Includes 'Everlasting Love'!!)
*16. 'Masterjam'(Expanded & Remastered & Expanded)
(Expanded Edition Now Includes 12"Extended Mixes, B-Sides, & More!!)
*17. 'Numbers' / 'Party 'Til You're Broke''
(2 Rare Albums By Rufus without Chaka!)
(*Released after 'Masterjam' & 'Camouflage'!)

[Note: #9-17 Aren't Available In Stores!!]

The 2004 Japanese Imports

2004 Limited Edition Box Set Of Japanese Reissued Rufus feat.Chaka Khan CDs

NOTE: The 8 Rufus featuring Chaka Khan studio albums were reissued
as EXPENSIVE Japanese imports in 2004. These CDs have cute gatefold
'album-like' designs that feature original artwork. The 'Ask Rufus'
reissue includes a small replica of the original poster that was
in the 1977 album. From what I've heard, these CDs sound & look
good, but the pricetag is CRAZY ($25.00 - $45.00) for CDs
that don't offer any bonus tracks.