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This page is dedicated to featuring some of Chaka's RARE albums & CDs that were recorded during the past 30+ years. Many of Chaka's recordings are now highly sought collector's items, and we will try to help 'Chakaholics' obtain some of her best (& out of print!!) music.
New 'CD profiles' may be posted on a random basis.
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'Chaka Khan Interview CD'
The Chaka Khan Interview CD (1998)
(1998, Earthsong)

This rare 'Interview' was available as a promotional CD early in 1998 before
'Come 2 My House' was released later that year.It is a fairly revealing (and
entertaining!) CD which only includes Chaka's responses to a variety of
questions. Here's the text from liner notes included from the 'Interview CD':

"We are so very pleased to present to you this special interactive
Chaka Khan interview! As you know, she has been working with The Artist
on her new album, 'Come 2 My House', and before she left for a European
tour, she wanted to allow you to get a glimpse of what it takes to make
it, and her thoughts about her past and future. Of course, she can't do
it from other parts of the world, so she has put together this package
for you. Enclosed is a full interview with Chaka, minus the host! You can,
at your own discretion, allow anyone of your staff to 'interview' Chaka.
We've included suggested queries, and quoted ins and outs from Chaka herself.
We've obviously included specific questions about the album
and certain cuts that have been recieving positive reviews! You can also
put together an hour-long special with all of the material included! We
hope you, and your audience enjoys this insight into one of
the greatest singers we've ever known, Chaka Khan!"

The Webmaster

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