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1976 - 1985

1. 'Never Letting Go', 'Little Italy', & 'Save It For a Rainy Day'
[fr.STEPHEN BISHOP'S 'Careless'](1976 ABC/MCA)(CD)
2. 'Take Me Bake To Chicago' [fr.CHICAGO 'Chicago XI"](1977 Columbia)(V)
3. 'Stuff Like That'(feat.Ashford & Simpson)[fr.QUINCY JONES
'Sounds and Stuff Like That'](1978 A&M)(CD)
4. 'Lady Madonna'(Duet w/Lenny White)[fr.L.WHITE 'Streamline'] (1978, Elektra)(CD)
5. 'Down In Hollywood', 'Good Thing' [fr.RY COODER 'Bop Till You Drop']
(1979 Warner Bros.)(CD)
6. EXTENDED 12" 'Do You Love What You Feel ?' (Rufus & Chaka)
(w/B-Side 'Dancin' Mood')(1979 MCA)(V>>CD)
7. EXTENDED 12" 'Any Love' (Rufus & Chaka)(1979 MCA)(V>>CD)
8. 'What Cha Gonna Do For Me ?' (7" single 1981 Warner Bros.)(V>>CD)
[**NOTE: Includes the rare B-Side 'Lover's Touch'!!**]
9. 'Heed The Warning' / 'Night Moods' (12" single 1981)[U.K.Import](V)
10. 'Everlasting Love'(Live w/Rufus)[fr.SOUNDTRACK 'Night Shift']
(1982 Warner Bros.)(V>>CD)[OUT OF PRINT!!]
11. 'Love Will Come Again'[fr.GEORGE BENSON 'In Your Eyes'](1983 Warner Bros.)(CD)
12. 'Freedom' & 'Starting Over Again' [fr.SOUNDTRACK 'Moscow On The Hudson']
(1984 RCA)(V>>CD)[OUT OF PRINT!!]
13. REMIX 12" 'Eye To Eye' (1985 Warner Bros)[U.K.Import](V>>CD)
14. REMIX 12" 'This Is My Night' (1985 Warner Bros.)(V>>CD)
15. EXTENDED 12" 'Own The Night'[fr.'Miami Vice' SDTK] (1985 MCA)(V>>CD)
16. 'Krush Groove (Can't Stop The Street)'[fr.SOUNDTRACK 'Krush Groove']
(1985 Warner Bros.)(V)[OUT OF PRINT!!]
17. REMIX 12" 'Krush Groove (Can't Stop The Street)' [German Import](V>>CD)
18. 'There's Nothing Out There' [fr. Peabo Bryson 'Take No Prisoners']
(1985 Elektra)(V>>CD)

[Format Codes used here: V-Vinyl CD-Compact Disc, DVD-Digital Video Disc, T-Cassette,
V>>CD - Vinyl Transferred To CD, and VHS - Video Tape]