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1986 - 1995

1. 'B.B.King & Friends Red Hot Blues Live!'(1987, NO LABEL-CUSTOMIZED CD)(VHS>>CD)
2. 'Spread The Love'[fr.Juicy's 'Spread The Love'](1987 CBS)(V>>CD)
3. 'Higher Love'[fr.S.Winwood's ' Back In The High Life'](1987, Island)(CD)
4. 'Palm Of Your Hand' [fr.'The Jamaica Boys'](1987, PRA/WEA)(CD)
5. REMIX 12" 'Earth To Mickey' (1987 Warner Bros.)[*2 Remixes!!*](V>>CD)
6. REMIX 12" 'It's My Party' (1988 Warner Bros.)[*4 Remixes!!*](V>>CD)
7. REMIX 12" 'Baby Me' w/B-Side 'Everybody Needs Some Love'
(1989 Warner Bros.)[*4 Remixes!*](V>>CD)
8. REMIX 12" 'Soul Talkin' w/B-Side Remixes 'I'm Every Woman' & 'Ain't Nobody'
(1989 Warner Bros.)[*4 Remixes!*](V>>CD)
9. 'Fever' [fr.'Rock, Rhythm, & Blues'](1989 Warner Bros.)(CD)[OUT OF PRINT!!]
10. 'I'll Be Good To You'(duet w/Ray Charles) & 'The Places You Find Love'
(duet w/Siedah Garrett)[fr.QUINCY JONES 'Back On The Block'] (1989 Quest)(CD)
11. CD SINGLE 'I'll Be Good To You'(w/R.Charles)(1989 Warner Bros.)[*7 Remixes!*](CD)
12. 'Human Nature' [fr.MILES DAVIS 'Miles In Montreux'](1989 Jazz Door)
(RARE Import finally released in the U.S. in 1999!!)(CD)
13. 'Stop On By'(duet w/Paul Young)[fr.PAUL YOUNG's 'Other Voices'](1990 Columbia)(CD)

14. 'Last Summer', 'Take Me Away', and 'Pretty Secrets'[fr.'Frank Nimsgern
featuring Chaka Khan & Billy Cobham'](1991 Lipstick Records, U.K.)(CD)
15. 'Someday, We'll All Be Free' [fr.'Music of Quality & Distinction', VOL.2
by the British Electric Foundation](1991 Ten Records)(Import CD)
16. CD SINGLE 'Love You All My Lifetime' (1992, Warner Bros.)[*9 Remixes!*](CD)
17. REMIX 12" 'Give Me All' (1992, Warner Bros.- German Import)[*3 Remixes!*](V>>CD)
18. 'Feels Like Heaven'(duet w/Peter Cetera)[fr.P.CETERA's 'World Falling Down'](1992 WEA)(CD)
19. 'Time To Be Lovers'(duet w/Michael McDonald)[fr.'Beverly Hills 90210'SDTK] (1992 Reprise)(CD)
20. 'Miles Blowin'[fr.SOUNDTRACK 'Sugar Hill'](1993 Fox/Beacon Hill)(CD)[OUT OF PRINT!!]
21. REMIX 12" 'Miles Blowin' (1993 Fox/Beacon Hill)[*4 Remixes!*](V>>CD)
22. 'Between the Sheets' [fr.FOURPLAY 'Between The Sheets'] (1993 Warner Bros.)(CD)
23. 'War Games', 'Julia', 'Robotman' [fr.RICK WAKEMAN '1984'] (1994 Charisma)(CD)
[**NOTE: The '1984' project was actually recorded in 1981!!**]
24. 'Hot Fun In The Summertime' [fr.THE MANHATTAN TRANSFER 'Tonin'](1994 Warner Bros.)(CD)
25. 'Free Yourself' [fr.'To Wong Foo...'SDTK](1995 MCA)(CD)
26. CD SINGLE 'Festa Brasilera' (duet w/Ivan Lins)[fr.'People:A Musical
Celebration Of Diversity'](1995 Lightyear)(CD)
27. CD SINGLE 'Love Me Still' [fr.SOUNDTRACK 'Clockers'](1995 40 Acres & A Mule/MCA)(CD)
28. 'Gossomer Wings' [fr.LIONEL HAMPTON's 'For The Love Of Music'](1995 Mojazz)(CD)
29. 'Watch What You Say'(duet w/GURU)[fr.GURU's 'Jazzmatazz Vol.2'] (1995 Chrysalis)(CD)
30. CD SINGLE 'Watch What You Say' w/Guru REMIXES (CD)
31. 'Stomp', 'Stuff Like That' [fr.QUINCY JONES 'Q's Jook Joint'] (1995 Qwest)(CD)
32. 'Faith Can Move a Mountain', 'He'll Be Your Strength', 'What Do You Win
When You Win', 'Know When To Leave The Party'
[fr.'Mama, I Want To Sing' SDTK] (1995 EMI, UK)(CD)[OUT OF PRINT!!]
33. 'My Funny Valentine'[fr.'Waiting To Exhale'SDTK] (1995 Arista)(CD)
34. 'Love Is Strange' & 'Knock On Wood' [fr. PHIL UPCHURCH's 'Love Is Strange']
(1995 Bean Bag/Go Jazz)(CD)[OUT OF PRINT!]

[Format Codes used here: V-Vinyl CD-Compact Disc, DVD-Digital Video Disc, T-Cassette,
V>>CD - Vinyl Transferred To CD, and VHS - Video Tape]